Our Story

When we were very young, our family moved from our neighborhood in our small town and purchased a small piece of property between produce stands and fields. 

Our love for the farm life started early, with the purchase of our first laying hens. We learned to grow fruits and vegetables, help our mom can preserves, jams and pie filling. 

Over the next couple of years, our dad and brother built a chicken coop, and we got more chickens. We joined our local 4-H Club and then we saved and saved until we had enough to buy our own Nigerian Dwarf Goats!


Somewhere in all of that, we began to make and sell Soy Candles to help cover the expenses of our 4-H projects. We got more and more involved with our club and local community and over time, began to make more products for our family. 

Since our goats gave us more milk than we needed, our mom taught us how to make Goats Milk Soap! Friends and family found out, and our business got busier! 

Now, we use the proceeds from Home Grown Farms to take care of our animals, for 4-H projects, and our college fund. We’ve even been able to pay for our own 4-H Summer Camp and Leadership Conferences. 

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