Meet Miss River, our sweet Nigerian Dwarf (official name Kickapoo Creek ML Bluebell). This beautiful girl will be two in June, and has just completed her first freshening. River is giving us about a quart of delicious milk everyday. If you haven’t tried it, the milk from a Nigerian Dwarf is sweet and creamy, no “goaty” taste!

River will be bred this fall and hopefully will give us a couple of kids next spring. She is purebred Nigerian with a wonderful bloodline, I know her babies will be beautiful just like she is.

Little Prairie Easter “Easter” was born this year on Easter morning, hence her name! She’s being loved an adored through her youth and will hopefully be with us for many many years to come. She’s a spirited and sweet little girl who loves a good cuddle.


We are so excited about the wonderful things these pretty girls will bring. We’ve been enjoying wonderful, creamy milk and hope to get enough cream to start making butter soon.

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