Aubrey & Catelyn create Natural, Handmade

products for your Body & Home

Act Fast!

Many of our Popular Scents are SOLD OUT before they’ve even finished curing! 

Our Goats Milk Soaps, Candles, and Lotion Bars are available in most of the scents below. 

Beard Products, Bath Salts and Lip Balms are available in limited scents.

Every item is made in a Gluten-Free Kitchen. Due to food allergies in our own family, our kitchen is also free of most tree nuts.

If you see something you are interested in, please contact us right away at or through our Social Media pages to place your order!

Home Made – Farm Made – Home Grown

Currently Available Scents

Black Raspberry Vanilla – 

Experience the decadent fruity  aroma that blends vine-ripened black raspberries with soothing sweet vanilla. 

Orange – 

A clean, fresh blend of essential oils to bring out the beauty of citrus and help you feel rejuvenated.

Tobacco Leaf Vanilla –

The sweetness of the tobacco leaf paired with a hint of vanilla. This scent is a wonderful blend of nature and warmth.

Coffee on Main St.

One of the best smells on Main Street is that which comes from the Market’s gourmet coffee shop. 

The warm scents of coffee, hazelnut, vanilla and orange will warm you from the inside. 


Our take on this fun mystical scent brings forth the woodsy notes of floral and spice. 

Enjoy a bit of whimsy and fun!

Whiskey Barrel Vanilla – 

A rich warm mix of quality aged whiskey, oak and vanilla. The rounded notes of the scent provides a soothing, relaxed feel.


Pineapple- VEGAN

The sweet, tart  bliss of Fresh Pineapple,  will have you right back in the tropics.

Green Apple –


Feel the Clean Crisp scent waft around you as if you were taking a bite of your own perfectly ripe apple. 

The freshness may entice you to take a bite, even though you know you shouldn’t. 

Main Street Barbershop – 

Enjoy the clean, crisp feel of stepping out of the Barber.

Think back to your  very first hair cut.

 Hints of Bay Rum, Patchouli and Sandalwood give this fragrance it’s classic appeal.


What better pairing could you ask for? The light crispness blend perfectly with the fruity sweetness. 

This lovely fragrance hints at romance and relaxation.

Lavender – 


Feel the tranquility smooth out your rough edges as the natural essential oil surround you with their beautiful scent. 

Sweet Mint – 


A mix of Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils perfects the clean, refreshing scent that is a wonderful choice and one of our most popular scents.